Vlog #5: In which our heroine reads more, discovers a rat, loses sight for a few hours, can’t remember how to play her own song, and sits at a red light.

  In case you missed the vlog or the instagram pictures in real time, here is the compilation of my Recorded Weeks #5. I re-structured my morning routine, which is going unbelievably well, played around with soft rollers!, and had a very trippy ocular migraine. I also wrote two poems which can be found in …

My 2016 Planner

My planning history has been long and wonderful: I have posts on my planning system at 11 years old, my hand-written journal used during my hiatus from busyness, my Erin Condren Life Planner, and finally, my new bullet journal for 2016, featured on this page. When I switched to the bullet journal, I achieved that …

VIDEO: Academic Planning in your Bullet Journal

Check out my new video where I describe how I keep track of new collections and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content!   https://youtu.be/kYlF8UVP5yM Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

VIDEO: Bullet Journal Flip Through

Hello gentle readers! I am very excited to share with you my bullet journal set up. Watch me flip through each page and get inspired for your own bullet journal! https://youtu.be/C61MJ8LfHqM Questions? Leave them in the comments below! Using my ideas? Tag me in your Instagram photos and tweets!

VIDEO: How to Reinforce Bible Tabs

If your Bible has been around for a while, it might show some signs of age, especially around the tabs. Here's a quick tutorial for reinforcing the page around the tab to keep your Bible lookin' young! What problems do you have with your tabbed books? Share a picture of how your Bible is falling …