The Hanger Capsule

It was amazing to me how many outfits I had pinned over the years to “My Kind of Glitter,” the only creative name left for fashion inspo. They ranged from elegant to swimsuits, from quotes to things I wouldn’t dare wear. All colors and nearly all styles are represented in a great melting pot of beautiful pictures and ideas.

There was no consistency. In searching for my personal style, I was making headway only in quantity.

Enter the capsule wardrobe.

I’ve explained this in a previous blog, as part of my series to my ideal wardrobe. Now, before I share my solution, I want to show you how big of a change it was. When I joined Pinterest, I started a fashion board that, to-date, has 613 pins on it. Think about that… If it takes a mere 20 seconds to pin one outfit, this board represents 204 minutes of fashion pinning. And how many of these outfits do I wear? Practically none.

This boggles my mind. Why would I have a vision board (which is what Pinterest is, no?) if I’m not following through on it? Why would I spend 204 minutes thinking about what I could be wearing and not move towards that direction at all?
It is cute stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it is not consistent with itself or with my style. The further down you scroll, the more random things get!

When I realized how scattered my focus was, I began a whole new board. My new criteria were

  • Would I wear this outfit right now if it were in my closet?
  • Would I be thrilled if I got this outfit or item for Christmas?
  • Does this fit with my color scheme?
  • Is this a style that I feel comfortable in?

With this clarity and focus, I created a new Pinterest board that was streamlined and beautiful.

But, friends, I went one step further. I wasn’t 100% on board with the capsule wardrobe, even as beautiful as this board is. And I sought to create the perfect system–yes, perfect–for my clothes.

And thus was born the hanger wardrobe.


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