The Great 5-Year Plan

What better way to start the new year than seeking clarity! Don’t plan resolutions, schedule life changes. Yes, it’s January right now and, yes, everyone is busying scribbling down <> that they’ll forget by next Thursday, but don’t let that deter you from hitting the reset button your life.

This workbook is my brainchild, purposed to guide passionate souls through the identity-discovering process and help you break down your bucket list items into your schedule! Yes, your weekly schedule. Does that sound impossible?

From soul words to quarterly goals, this sixteen-page, printable workbook is the perfect kickstart to any time period but especially today. Follow the instructions below to purchase this workbook, which you will receive digitally by email. (No physical workbook available at this time.)

Start from big and move down to micro, this plan helps you keep both measurable goals and more fluid habit-like items and it helps you keep them all year long.

Don’t miss out on yourself. Start now. Get there.

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