Goal Life Weekly Timetable 

Dream Schedule
FREE Maybe you’ve set crazy financial goals or aesthetic goals for yourself, but what is your most valuable resource? I suggest that it is not money, but rather time. How would you spend your days in an ideal world?


Small Business Excel-Based Financials

Blog & Small Business Excel Financials!
$5.00 USD This is a spreadsheet for small businesses and especially blogs or Etsy shops. Includes a sheet for transaction ledgers, where each expense and payment is entered in to the Excel sheet; the budget sheet, where you can estimate expenses in order to project necessary income and monitor changes in expenses; and this budget vs. actual sheet, where your activity is summed and compared with budgetary estimates.


The Great 5-Year Plan

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.06.31 PM
$5.00 USD. Oh yea, you want to organize your vision for your you? Here is a journey from your biggest dreams to your quarterly and weekly goals. See more here.


Galentine’s Day Invitations 2018

FREE Galentine’s Day Invitations 2018. Includes Galentine’s Day poem, this card, and a back plate that says, “Ovaries before Brovaries.”


Galentine’s Day Invitations 2017

Coming soon…


Galentine’s Day Invitations 2016

16_What is Galentine_s Day
FREE. Galentine’s Day Invitations 2016. This image and the image of a waffle. Write your own dang card.


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