34 Rules to Live By

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s everything, I am finally ready to share a list of my personal laws. In her book, The Happiness Project (one of my all-time faves), Gretchen comes up with a list of commandments for her self and also truths that she has discovered in her life. To be completely blunt and frank, I’ve always read these and thought, “Wow, those are great. But what a monumental waste of time to write these down. How could these be productive?”

I stuck with that opinion even while I read her Happiness Project part 2, Happier at Home, until one day, out of the orange-colored sky, I stumbled upon the truth that if I had written out some of the principles I try to live by, I would be less likely to forget them so quickly, repeating the process of discovering and implementing them again.
In my list below, I combine both commandments to myself and principles that ring true for me into my “personal laws.” This is neither exhaustive nor well-rounded, but these are the 34 laws that boiled swiftly to the surface in the past few days I’ve been truly watching for them. (The last four deal with food, but the rest are unorganized.)


God provides.

It’s never wrong to stay calm.

It is what it is: lean into it.

Stick with your colors.

Work to your own standards. (And, if your standards aren’t the highest in the room, re-evaluate them.)

Always overdress.

You can do hard things.

Speak up.

Read something every day.

When you feel bad, deep clean.

Leopard print is a neutral.

Your learning curve is long, but when you get finally get it, you’re very good. This is the formula of your success so be patient.

Gotta be smooth to be fast.

Things happen for a reason.

Life is too short for nude heels or for wearing beige.

It’s always better not to buy.

Find the perfect solution, i.e. things can’t be too streamlined.

Put your phone down when you’re listening.

You will always be motivated by truth and excellence.

People can change.

There is an answer. (And it’s always in God’s word.)

If you do what you enjoy, you will get energy, instead of losing it.

You love the mornings. (Even if it’s hard to meet them some days.)

Your story is big.

Never work on Sundays.

You’re cyclical. Embrace the seasons.

If you sow good, you reap good.

Take care of God’s people and He takes care of you.

When in doubt, go classy.

Relapse is temporary. Forge on.

Never eat bread. (Except sometimes.)

Add vegetables.

Never eat something you don’t enjoy.

Overspend at the grocery story = better control of eating out.

What are your personal commandments? The principles you keep tripping over? Maybe writing them out would make the tripping and re-learning process happen less often.

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