Forget the Capsule Wardrobe

You may have read my “Intro to the Capsule Wardrobe” a few weeks ago. But I’ll do you one better. Listen, if you struggle putting outfits together, the capsule wardrobe isn’t far enough. The next step is what I’m calling “The Hanger Capsule.” Lemme ‘splain…


Instead of just minimalizing the items in the wardrobe, my goal is to also minimalize the decisions. Keep in mind, please, that I am not bashing people who enjoy planning their outfits in the morning, more power to them, but that is not my bliss.

To tackle my problem, I’m throwing out the capsule wardrobe (that trendy thirty item interchangeable attempt at minimalism) and adopting a wardrobe where there are not items, there are outfits.

Yes, each outfit lives on a hanger. Complete with pants or skirt, top and extra layer, scarf or necklace. In the morning, my only decision is, ‘What do I feel like today?” instead of, “What do I feel like today and what would that look like and how do I get that look out of what I have?”

I’ve been chewing on this concept for a while now, but in April 2017 I challenged myself to stop dreaming and put together four hangers. Immediately, after speaking the challenge, this sprang to mind:


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Copy of Est. 2012


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