Study Tips: Make Your Semester Successful!

It’s almost the end of the semester, but this six weeks may be the hardest. If your grades are suffering, it’s time to buckle down and dedicate lots of time. If your grades are soaring, it’s time to prepare for the last round of exams, finals, and semester projects. If you’re reading this sometime in the future, it’s still a good time to start winning at school. To get these tips to you the best way, I’ve got them here in blog format and the same info is available in the YouTube video at the bottom of the post.
Here are the quick tools that I implemented at the beginning of last semester to positively impact my learning and GPA.

  1. Assignment Tracker: You probably know that I’m an avid bullet-journaler. Well, no surprise!, I have a page for each class, on which I copy down the agenda for each week, the due dates for projects, the homework and the exams. In one place, I can keep track of what I’ve done and what I need to do next for each class. Why copy down the syllabus when you could simply use the syllabus? I like to be carrying this list with me at all times, and I don’t want to be carrying my notebooks or syllabuses. It takes a minute to set up, but I use it all semester.
  2. Paper Notes: There’s much debate raging between digital and analog. I have flip-flopped on this for years, literally, but I was finally swayed by this article. I switched back to paper books and a large paper notebook.
  3. Reference Pages: During the semester I keep a big fact sheet for each chapter, section, or for the entire semester, depending on the class. In my finance class, one page for the semester sufficed nicely; in my tax class, one fact sheet per each exam (roughly six weeks); in my managerial accounting class, a fact sheet for each of the twelve chapters. This paper is NOT a copying of my notes, but rather all the information that is needed to do the homework or study for the exam. In other words, if you need that piece of information in order to answer the homework, quiz, or exam question, it belongs on the fact sheet.
  4. Dual Note System: When I read the textbook (which I don’t advocate in every class), I take bulleted notes on paper, but I leave a considerable amount of space on one side of the paper. During lecture, I open my notes to the corresponding textbook chapter and take the lecture notes on top of the textbook notes. This way, allt he information about one chapter is in one place.

Let me know what your success tips are! Have a successful semester!

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