Break Out of Your Funk

Okay, so this Monday didn’t go according to plan. It was going to be perfect: you were going to spend time in prayer, finish up a project before the kids woke up, and eat a super healthy breakfast—but then you hit the snooze button, or your alarm didn’t go off, or your kid woke up three times during the night and wrecked your sleep.

IMG_0591Nothing hampers my gumption like great but failed morning intentions. I feel like the whole day or, worse, the whole week is shot. It takes the biggest amount of will-power inertia to overcome a bad morning and a bad Monday. They seem to have an almost exponential impact.

I have found a few fool-proof ways to get around a bad start without depleting my stores of will power!

1. Deep clean something

Make serious traction de-cluttering and tidying an area of your space. Prioritize the space that has been bothering, the space you need to be working in, or the space you see the most.

2. Refresh your values

Studies show that those who write down their values handle challenges better, theoretically because they’ve reminded themselves why they’re fighting. Here’s a list of ideals that you can narrow down to get you started.

3. Top three One Things

Jot down your top three but give them priority: choose only one thing to start with. Choose only one thing that is most important; one thing to really tackle; one thing to sink your teeth into. And proceed down this list one at a time.

Carpe diem.

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