3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Coffeeside chat #2: Stress Is a GOOD Thing

  1. Stress as a resource–I think you explaining it’s alignment with values really helped to put that concept into a better focus for me. If we use the tension, the energy built up due to a stressful situation, we can then use it as a spark, as motivation to continue the pursuit or to fuel the fight against the unraveling–maybe? Good thoughts and thanks for the chat 😉 Sorry your coffee tastes horrendous. What is one example in your life that you used stress positively?

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    1. I am accepting good coffee grounds donations in my fight against weak coffee.

      Typically I employ these principles best when I am facing a lot of stress and anxiety about the housework or house reorganization. It’s very easy to redirect stress into energy when your task is physical. I haven’t mastered that redirection for mental tasks.


  2. Good video. You crack me up. A thought for next time however, you might want to make sure the audio lines up with the video next time. It can be distracting.
    A way I like to think something like this is that we cannot always control life, control the thoughts and emotions that pop into our brain/heart, but we can control what we do with them. Escapism is never the answer and that is what trying to escape stress in life is. Like everything in life react positively to motivate you. If you did not have stress, then you probably would get a lot less done. So stress can be a good thing. 🙂
    Oh and read Life with a capital L by Matt Heard. Its relates to a lot of your blog posts about life and how to live intentionally, with purpose, and to the fullest.


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