2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bullet Journal Plan With Me #2

  1. I love how your layout captures personal, school, business, and personal development. Your focus on balance and excellence really provides inspiration not to micromanage or uber-prioritize one area of your life because all are important! Question for you: When something gets moved to the Not To Do List – do you ever revisit the Not To Do List in order to reclaim some tasks at a different time? Or do you wait for them to organically pop up in your brain to be done again and then they are added to your current To Do?


    1. I do sometimes revisit the Not To Do List. For instance, in my last bullet journal, I added “beautify the pantry” to my Not To Do List, because I didn’t have any inspiration on how to proceed with this and I was carrying it over to my dailies week after week. A few weeks after it was off my regular to do list, I was out shopping and found the perfect thing that sparked my creativity. I made headway with the project. So, even though it wasn’t on my to do list anymore, it did actually progress. Does that muddle things? 🙂


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