An Aspiring Literatus: Seven Words I Learned in 2015

The best nuggets of erudite wisdom I received from my time in community college were simple, honest, and spoken by my talented English teacher, Mr. Hoppe:

“Never write anything you wouldn’t want to read yourself.”

“Always look up unfamiliar words as you come across them, otherwise your reading will be in vain.” (Paraphrased)

His promulgations are ineluctably truthful and so have inspired me to chronicle any poignant or fascinating words with which I am unfamiliar.

All that turgidity to say, I wrote down nearly 140 words from my readings last year that I had never heard before or did not understand and I’d like to share 1/20th of those with you.

1. Habitué

Definition: A frequent visitor

Habitués are my desideratum for this year as this particular, frequency-implying relationship encapsulates my “open table” goals for 2016. One day I’lll be able to say, “Oh, there are many itinerant habitués that might drop in during the weekend; they usually show up around dinner time.”

2. Dubiety

The thought of publishing a collection of just seven of my favorite words from last year filled me with such dubiety (or doubt). With its provenance one of the most delightful words to say: dubious, dubiety topped my awesome-words chart quickly.

3. Afflatus

Used frequently to suggest divine implantation of thoughts, the primary definition is simply an inspiration. According to, afflatus is “an impelling mental force acting from within.”

4. Arcana

Definition: mystery or secret

It’s a mystery whether you should use “arcana” or “arcanum,” but it’s also a secret.

5. Somnolence

Definition: sleepiness or drowsiness

My mind is pervaded by fatigue before I even finish reading the word “somnolence.” Perhaps, when you have trouble drifting to sleep tonight or you experience the dreaded uhtceare, repeat the word “somnolence” in your head. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

6. Inveigh

Although its sound is little more than a susurration, implying nothing either forceful nor pernicious, I assure you it means to attack violently or to vituperate.

7. Concatenate

Though one would be hard-pressed indeed to concatenate these words in a coherent sentence, concatenate, our final word, signifies the action of unifying or linking objects together in a chain.

Okay, I accidentally threw in a few more than seven of my new words… Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Can you use all seven words in one sentence?

Have an issue with how I used these words?

Which of these words did you already know?

What were your favorite words that you learned last year?

4 thoughts on “An Aspiring Literatus: Seven Words I Learned in 2015

  1. Wow…

    I have no problem with how you used the words and did not know a single one of them! I have a Google search open next to this tab and added several words to my own list!

    Yet, it is with dubiety that I inveigh the afflatus that this challenge, a challenge with has led to many nights of somnolence and attempted concatenating, though I had become a habitué of uthceare in the face of this ineluctable susurrus within my soul.


  2. This took me way longer than it should have to get through because of all the fancy words. In the spirit of your English Prof, I did look up each one as I went and learned quite a bit. I think I need to read more…

    Liked by 1 person

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