VIDEO: Bullet Journal Flip Through

Hello gentle readers!

I am very excited to share with you my bullet journal set up. Watch me flip through each page and get inspired for your own bullet journal!

Questions? Leave them in the comments below! Using my ideas? Tag me in your Instagram photos and tweets!

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bullet Journal Flip Through

  1. I like the teasers for what is to come! I am wondering how you feel out a layout or a collection–if it is not used, does it get tossed? If it’s something that doesn’t generate joy is it nixed? Just curious 🙂

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  2. Monthly view SAVES my life!! (And I saw my letter!!)
    I definitely made a key after watching this for my planner (although mine is crazy colored…)

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  3. Seriously. How cute are you?! Thanks for sharing your journal with us! Mine isn’t nearly as pretty. I’ve mostly been utilizing the bullet journal system for my daily planning but I do have a habit tracker and a few other lists that I plan on referencing more on a daily basis. Love your ideas and designs.

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  4. Wow! That makes me tired just looking at it!! Haha. My calendars are all digital now. This is my first year going without anything paper. I don’t know how it will go. I will likely go out and buy a journal just like yours and ask you to help me get it started. LOL
    Great video!!

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