4 Bible Study Aids

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on Bible study. If you’ve missed them, my first post was on why I mark up my Bible and the second was on my 14 Color system. This is the last installment and it covers the miscellaneous other things that I keep handy while studying.


The biggest aid in studying my Bible is having a plan. Sometimes it’s nice to meander through the pages in a leisurely fashion, but most morningsĀ I’m racing to get the baby out the door and I don’t have time for, “Hmmm, what shall I read today?” Plans keep me intentional and accountable. It’s okay to fall behind — there’s no scriptural prescription for how much you should study — but I can see just how often I’ve skipped or fallen behind with a study plan. I keep the plan in a notebook that I use to collect thoughts about the reading or questions for further study.



This is a laminated sheet that I bought. It’s plastic on both sides and about 5″ x 7″. I keep layers of sticky notes on it with collections of thematic verses. My favorite theme in the Bible is shown here: God & the protection of His children. As I read throughout the year, I add verses to these lists.


I keep the theme of the sticky note written at the bottom so I can easily see which topics I’m collecting verses for. This is my favorite way to keep track of verses that teach the same concept or connect interesting themes.



Tucked in part of the reference section of my Bible, I store three sheets of stickers. They’re multi-colored and I use the colors in correspondence with my 14 Color Study System. The silver stickers correspond to my black pen: favorite verses. You can see I’m nearly out of this sheet.

My Bible stickers

Yes, these look juvenile here altogether, but when they’re spread out on the page they add emphasis to the verse they’re near and help me find what I’m looking for. Examples below.



Cultural context can be very helpful when reading. This timeline is stashed in the pages of my Bible for a quick reference as to who was the prophet at the time? Was this before or after a captivity? If Ahaz was king of Judah who was king in Israel? What were the principles of this generation of people?


I also greatly enjoy The Histomap by David Rumsey. I keep a cheap 7-page print out at my desk for more intense study, until I can afford a nice print of it. Hey, it’s almost Christmas, right?



Thanks for sticking through the whole series! How do YOU study?

3 thoughts on “4 Bible Study Aids

  1. Wow, I am humbled by your systematic study methods! Lately I’ve chosen a topic and read all the Scriptures regarding the topic (using my Strong’s) and look up the verses in the ESV (since I usually use the old KJV) along with defining Greek terms (in the NT). Summer before last I taught the book of Ruth, but that’s the last time I taught a book. I still want to teach Esther. You have given me great “food for thought” about how to make better use of my study time! Thanks!!!!

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  2. How do I study…I wait around–quite lazily of course–until the kind Lord knocks me on the noggin’ with conviction by an email. A simply little, “Hey, if y’all wanna come, we’re doing the NT in 90 days…” Oh, alright. Then BAM I was hooked. And from this came a beautiful friendship that keeps me accountable, that God’s way are as normal and interwoven as the topics of food and coffee. Which, obviously, are normal. Most of all? I surround myself WITH the Bible. One on my writing desks, three apps on my phone (right next to social media–so that it is a choice), one in my car, never a reason to be WITHOUT His word. Reminding me again and again it is I who chooses how much to let HIM in. I rid myself of the excuse and, most often, almost every time, without fail, when I take that first sip I realize how thirsty I’ve been and I wonder why I do this to myself…


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