Life Organization: Quiet Life

I’ve done pretty well making my own planners and adapting purchased planners to meet my needs. While in college, I used the Plan. Write. Remember. weekly and monthly planner by At A Glance, which I color-coded to death:

End of week jumble
See full post here.

After college, I went through a period of inactivity in my life. Graduating college around five months pregnant, I chose to postpone looking for a job or pursuing further education. I spent the summer, in my third trimester, alternately unpacking our new apartment and keeping my feet elevated. It was a very different period of time than I am used to and I am grateful it is coming to a close, but I was very blessed to be able to rest and let my baby grow.

During this time, I kept a very simple planner. The book itself I purchased from Walmart as a blank notebook. I liked it because the pages were college-ruled and the outside is some sort of vinyl or plastic material that is very easy to keep clean (and also pink!). I tabbed the life out of this poor book. It had an accidental encounter with the silver stickers I use in my Bible study, and I kind of liked it. (Like my nail color? Catch that post here.)

Photo on 10-18-14 at 5.34 PM
My weeks were very simple and basic looking. Each week had one of the page spreads shown below to keep appointments and a page spread of daily and weekly goals (not shown).


My to-do list was the blue tab behind all the weekly spreads and got a cutesy title page:


I had a lot of fun creating this planner, especially with headers:IMG_3101 IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3105

All the green tabs were monthly spreads, all the pink and purple tabs were the various pages, with headers like those shown above or on the side, and the one blue tab was my to-do list. This planner served me well while my days have been quiet and solitary, but now that I’ve got things going on, things are going to get busy.

Now that my little niblet is almost two months old, my brainspace is shaking off the dust, my wanderlust is rousing from its sleep, and my muse is searching for her pencils. It’s time to upgrade my planner!

Check out the research I compiled on Erin Condren Life Planners and watch for my post when my life planner finally arrives!


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