ProductTalk: OPI’s “Got The Blues For Red”

Fall Manicure

Fall is here and with it some marvelous nail polish colors. This year’s fall trends center around earthy hues and jewel tones. Replaced are the bright beach colors of summer by their more mature cousins. Where hot pink and coral used to grace every woman’s nail polish collection, now we’re bringing back oxblood and taupe. Our favorite lime greens and sky blues are replaced by intense emeralds and deep sea navies, both matte and glossy. And the great, larger-than-life glitters are forced in to retirement by metallic sheens and subtle, stardust sparkles.

Last week, I had fun with Butter’s “British Racing Green,” but this week I wanted a more traditional fall color. “Got The Blues For Red” is a deep autumnal crimson and I’m feeling its vibe. It’s warm, feminine, and looks classic on a lot of skin tones.


My home manicure routine is the same from last week: two coats of OPI’s Original Nail Envy, to strengthen the nail, two coats of this week’s color, and two coats of OPI’s RapiDry Top Coat, to seal the color. With this base coat, I can tell my nails are stronger and healthier than when I use cheaper base coats. My nails are never yellow and they don’t peel apart with this base coat. From strong nails, the next best thing is avoiding #sheetmarks. I never struggle with scratches or sheet marks with RapiDry Top Coat. Check it out and let me know what you think.

This manicure lasted for six days without any touch-ups. No chipping pictures this week. I really enjoyed the color and the brand. You’ll see more OPI soon!

Let me know what color you used this week and Happy October!

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