How To: Tips for Lasting Manicures

Here are some quick tips for your Tuesday!

Wash the dishes with gloves. This is a tip I got from my friend’s mom, who goes through life with perfectly manicured red nails, Mrs. Carriker. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this tip: it makes a huge difference. Huge. Maybe I just wash my dishes too vigorously, but wearing gloves makes my manicure last about three days longer.

Don’t skimp on the clean up. Yes, you realize now that all that glitter was a bad idea, but you have to take it all off. And yes, it will take you forever but it must be done.

Cheat. Chips happen; don’t be too proud to carry the polish in your purse for quick touch-ups. And don’t be too proud to carry that polish in a sealable snack bag to prevent spillage.

Share your tips for a lasting manicure below!

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